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Crustum Susi is the sweet side of our * * * * Hotel Villa Lehmi in Tárbena. Classic cakes or creative cake design. Baking is our passion and therefore we also give us only satisfied with the very best results. All our products are made fresh and without preservatives.

Break from everyday life      Sweet messages        Cake design


Treat yourself with a nice peace of cake out from everyday life. For small households therefor we bake our classics in the popular 20 cm form. The perfect format.                  


Surprise your loved ones with a sweet message... this can be a special occasion or without reason...                              


Something very special are our designed cakes. Wrapped with fondant and decorated with sugar flowers or sugar decorations in 3D. You decide the flavour, color and the theme. We let your cake dreams come true in our patisserie.


Our destination: When the cake is the bright spot in the afternoon..a tasty greeting from the kitchen brings a smile to the faces...our cake creation is the sweet highlight on your celebration... and especially, when no crumbs are left... then your success is our success.



Our prices are based on the 20 cm form ( aprox.  8 piece of cake )  
Cakes like the cheesecake, almond-pudding-slices, applecake etc. 21,00 Euro
Gateuax like the black forest, apple-wine, Sacher etc.

25,00 Euro


The prices of our theme cakes depend on the number of persons and the decoration and therefor we can give only about prices. With a size of 20 cm diameter and 10 cm height you can get 16 portions. 

Decoration in 2D

4,00 Euro per person

Decoration in 3D

5,00 - 9,00 Euro per person


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Crustum Susi house pastry


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