Collage Barbecue 2

Collage Barbecue 1

In october we offer the use of our archery parcours with 42 stations in 3D with an

reduced price.


Normal price: 12,00 Euro per person

Price in october: 5,00 Euro per person





New + New + New

We offer now also professional massages in our newly designed massage area.


Crustum Susi

is the sweet side of our * * * * Hotel Villa Lehmi. Whether classic cakes or modern cake design. We have expanded our services to offer you the sweet highlight for your celebrations or other occasions

Eat & Drink

We are happy to serve you again our grill specialties. From 6 persons on and only with reservation.


Courses for the handycap by DGV Standard with Marc Amort from the Marc-Amort-Golf-Academy. We would be pleased to inform you about upcoming events.


On our bow parcours with 28 stations of the Archers Club Casa Lehmi experienced archers can enjoy their hobby or startes can book a course ( only with reservation).