Exclusive club - Shares of the Casa Lehmi SL

We have a piece of paradise for you

The company "VILLA LEHMI PARAISO RUSTICO SC" sells and manages, on behalf of its shareholders, rights to use the hotel complex "VILLA LEHMI PARAISO RUSTICO" of the operator Casa Lehmi SL.

The mortgage secured shares are each numbered consecutively in units of 1000 Euro. Giving investors the opportunity to choose the shares extent according to his personal needs.

Each unit is equivalent secured by mortgage.

We pay interest on the amount at 6 % annual. Interest payment will be made through a natural dividend. The contract may be terminated at both ends annually. We guarantee to buy back the full purchase price paid in the currency of purchase.

The new partner is not involved in the profit and loss account of the operator of Casa Lehmi SL. 

For more information on sales and shareholder benefits ( eg discounts and special conditions ) please refer to our brochure, which we send to your postal address.

The specialist evaluate our offer as thoughtfully and as a lucrative investment. Even for a company versatile ( relaxation days as premium for employees and customers, are very popular) with an additional opportunity for personal use. 

A discreet handling is guaranteed. Share sale max. 30 %; 70 % remain in the family.

Have we piqued your interest? You are looking for a way to secure savings, crisiproof as possible and lucrative to invest, coupled with a high personal benefit? Then please contact for an appointment with Susanne Lehmann. We will send you our brochure " We have a piece of paradise for you" to your post address. 


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